Charles van Rees

Holding a male and female Northern Cardinal at the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences’ Bird Banding Lab

Ph.D candidate, Reed research group, Dept. of Biology, Tufts University

Graduate Fellow, Tufts Water Diplomacy IGERT

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at Tufts university advised by Dr. J. Michael Reed. As part of the Reed research group, I apply ecological theory to inform the conservation of endangered wildlife populations on human-altered landscapes. I also work with the National Science Foundation Water Diplomacy IGERT program and the Tufts Institute of the Environment on trans-boundary, international, and interdisciplinary water management issues. My recent work investigates how ecological science can contribute to solving recalcitrant water management problems, and how wildlife conservation can be made compatible with economic development. My ecological research interests are the application of landscape ecology and behavioral ecology wildlife conservation, and how biodiversity conservation can improve the welfare of marginalized indigenous and rural people in developing countries.

Outside of my career, I am an avid natural historian and enjoy watching the wildlife I grew up with in New England. I treasure the opportunity for nature hikes whenever possible, and tend to get my natural history “fix” through birdwatching and insect-watching (I don’t have the heart for a bug collection). I am especially fond of wetland ecoystems. Martial arts training holds the lions share of my free time (I study Aikido, Brazilian Jiujutsu, and Muay Thai), but I also love Latin dance (especially salsa) and cooking.